Oral B12 Supplement


B12 Supplements can be taken in a variety of forms, the most common being oral and injection.

Oral methods include sublingual methods, where you place the dose under the tongue. In most cases, sublingual methods of ingesting B12 have not proven to be helpful, as there are no significant differences in absorption levels. In effect, consuming B12 orally will work the same no matter what, and is typically an easy, convenient, and safe way to ingest B12 supplements.

B12 injections are performed by doing an intramuscular injection. This process injects nutrients directly into the bloodstream, reducing the amount of time and lost nutrients from the digestive process. Since taking vitamin B12 requires digestion, some of the nutrients are lost during this process when consuming B12 orally. Since injections go straight into the bloodstream, this loss is not present, so you actually gain more direct nutrients from the injection method. Injection methods also require a prescription, making the process slower.B12 Supplements

B12 Oral Methods



Oral pills are much less painful and intrusive than injection methods, making them more attractive to potential users, and therefore more common. Oral pills do not require a prescription, making them easily and readily accessible. This means you can quickly and simply purchase these anytime you’d like, as opposed to waiting for a prescription from a doctor. Oral pills can be cheaper than injections, making them a more cost effective solution for someone planning to use supplements regularly.


Due to the process of digestion, a large amount of the nutrient is lost during the process of absorption. Therefore, you must consume far more to get the appropriate dosage, losing a good chunk of the vitamin during absorption. However, since oral supplements are less expensive than intramuscular injections, this is still a more cost effective method for taking vitamin B12. Having to remember to take daily doses of vitamins is not easy; many people forget to take them and miss out on their doses. If you are meant to regularly take B12 and have troubles remembering to do so, you will not see the effects you want. If you are required to take B12 for al ong period of time and are rather forgetful when it comes to taking daily pills, you could see this affect you as you will not get your daily dosage. Although injections may be more painful and less convenient, you do not have to get them as often and will be less likely to miss your dose.

B12 Injection Methods


Intramuscular injections for vitamin B12 are not B12 Injectionadministered as frequently as pills are, meaning you will need to take less doses. This not
only cuts down on a continuous need to take doses, but can be a lifesaver for people who have trouble remembering to take your doses. Although you may have an aversion to injections, this will ensure you get your doses. Since injection methods introduce B12 directly into the bloodstream there is no need for digestion; this reduces the amount of vitamin that is lossed in this process, ensuring that 100% of the nutrient gets to the body. In cases where people have illnesses or problems that affect their digestive system, vitamin B12 injections are the only viable option for receiving a B12 supplement. Therefore, injections provide a vital method for enabling B12 supplementation.


The most obvious con of injections is just that, it is an injection. People with aversions, or serious fears, of injections will want to avoid this process. For regular uses without aversions to needles, you still save yourself on the process of organizing and waiting for an injection, as well as the pain! This waiting process is prolonged even further because you need to have a prescription from a doctor in order to get B12 for injections. The final fault in vitamin injections is that they are slightly more expensive than oral methods. However, since all of the nutrients are used, you get the amount of B12 you inject with no loss rate as you have with oral supplements.

Vitamin B12 Injections versus Oral Supplements

Overall, both oral and injection methods work effectively, and you should decide which method you prefer based on your lifestyle and needs. Neither poses serious differences involving risk, immediacy, or performance. Depending on which method you feel most comfortable with, you can tailor this to your needs. If you have a strong aversion to needles, you should avoid the injection method. In reality, either method works great to provide your B12 intake, and either are great methods for supplementing B12.

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